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Forgotten Art Of Old
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THE BOOK was founded in 2018 in Brno, Moravia. With the intention of fulfilling the old inner urge of knocking on the heavy metal gates, THE BOOK started their existence with working on a debut album as a four-piece act. After two years of rehearsing and composing THE BOOK entered the Zounds Studio, where they recorded the debut album “Forgotten Art of Old” from November 2020 to April 2021. In Summer 2021, THE BOOK released a single called “Sculptures of the Gods” with a pretty good response in the heavy metal scene. The single was released digitally and as a two-song cassette in 60 hand-numbered copies.

Several concerts followed afterwards. In spring 2022 the cooperation between THE BOOK and Rafchild Records began, obviously, the first outcome is the seven-track debut album “Forgotten Art of Old” (including a cover version of the song “Man of Iron” by BATHORY). It will be released digitally, as a four-panel digipak CD and on vinyl. And what next? The band is working on follow-up material for the second album. The Book is open…


1. Serpent Baron
2. Striking Solar Force
3. Sacrificer
4. Sculptures of the Gods
5. Man of Iron
6. Ancient Steel
7. Master of the Dawn


Forneus - Vocals
Torham - Guitars
Dragul - Bass
Sarapis - Drums

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