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Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack
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This output is a genuine discovery trip for lovers of Epic Melodic Symphonic Power Metal. SYMPHONITY are among those experts who have succeeded in creating an arc of tension from catchy melodies and awesome vocals to powerful guitar thunderstorms.

"Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack" is full of anthems and stands its ground on the level of acts like Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Nightwish, Helloween, Blind Guardian or Sonata Arctica. The songs, all true gems, are made for collectors of dignified concept albums.

With this album, SYMPHONITY have created a monument to the most famous traveller in medieval world history - and the stations of his life's journey from Venice to Peking and back. But especially musically, the band's brilliantly produced third longplayer will be very well received for sure.

"Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack" gains additional moments through the successful fusion of exotic harmonies and scales from countries on Marco's travel route such as Persia, Armenia, Mongolia and China. Plus, mezzo-soprano Jana Hrochová also delivers some vocal highlights, refining the album intro/outro "Venezia" in a masterly manner.

"The Plague" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/vlbL50ktvJM


01. Part 1: Venezia
02. Part 2: Crimson Silk
03. Part 3: The Plague
04. Part 4: Love Theme
05. Part 5: Mongols
06. Part 6: Dreaming of Home
07. Part 7: I Found My Way Back Home
08. Part 8: Prisoner
09. Part 9: Venezia Finale

Bonus Tracks (CD Version only):
10. Part 5: Mongols (Orchestral Version)
11. Part 6: Dreaming of Home (Orchestral Version)
12. Part 7: I Found My Way Back Home (Orchestral Version)


Konstantin Naumenko - lead & backing vocals
Mayo Petranin - lead & backing vocals
Libor Křivák - guitars, keyboards
Tomáš Sklenář - bass
Josef Cigánek - drums
Johannes Frykholm - keyboard solos, additional keyboards

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