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Drep Alle Guder
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Soulseller Records
6. May 2022


Norwegian Black Metallers DJEVELKULT return to earth with their highly anticipated third full-length, "Drep Alle Guder"!

The band was brought out of the void in 2009 by mainman Dødsherre Xarim and has been constantly active with recordings and touring ever since. Their new album brings a lot of variety to the genre, ranging from majestic and melodic parts to totally crushing riffs, taking no prisoners! It was recorded at Brye Studio Dyslexia Production (instruments) and CBR Studio (vocals) and mixed and mastered by Mattis Simen Løvbrøtte Elvestuen. The cover artwork was created by Misanthropic Art.

"Voidwalker" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/KGtXu40kWAU


1. Drep Alle Guder
2. Dødbringer
3. Den Forhatte
4. I Kuldens Vold
5. The Life Destroyer
6. Voidwalker
7. Fordømmelse
8. Perfect Obliterate


Dødsherre Xarim - Guitar / Vocals
Skabb - Bass / Vocals
Brye - Drums
Beleth - Guitar

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