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Hall of Maati (EP)
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Vocem Interiorem Manifestations
11. Feb. 2022


Hailing from the industrial landscape of Stuttgart, CRESTFALLEN QUEEN, since their inception in 2016, have slowly but steadily made a place for themselves in the German doom/metal scene. Their own brand of Doom and Progressive rock mixed with Black Metal elements, and their hypnotic and cathartic live shows has established themselves as a band to look out for.

Shortly after the release of their completely analogue recorded, produced and quickly sold-out demo cassette “No More Let Life Divide What Death Can Join Together“ (February 2018) and a handful of shows in Southern Germany, the band caught the attention of Church Within Records and signed a deal for their follow up debut LP “Queen of Swords” (May 2019). Inspired by ancient philosophy and mythology, this epic work tells the long forgotten stories of fallen heroines and their struggle with loss, fears, human abysses and self-empowerment. The record, very well received and praised by the media, took the band's performances to stages all over Germany including festivals like Hammer of Doom and Hellgart. After some months of uncertainty, the band decided to part ways with Church Within Records and create their own label “Vocem Interiorem Manifestations”, making this the new platform to handle the bands further releases.

The next chapter on the path of CRESTFALLEN QUEEN is “Hall of Maati”, a concept EP that takes them exploring Egyptian mythology and its concepts of Truth and Lies: Humans have always sought the truth but they can't bear the actual naked truth. Every time it comes out of the well, humans get scared and push it back in the darkness. Nobody wants the naked truth. Even after death, the duality is kept on the human's journey as it is described in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead and its concept of death and afterlife.

On some mummies archeologists found little “heart scarabs” wrapped in between bandages as kind of charms: When the heart of the deceased is being judged in front of the great gods at The Hall of Maati, the final realm in the underworld, the heart scarab should protect them from accidentally revealing their wrong doings. So even in death people lie to seek the eternal field of reeds – the Egyptian version of heaven.

So, if gods are omniscient and therefore able to reveal lies, how is it that they can be betrayed? The answer is pretty simple: Gods need to be betrayed, otherwise the duality of good and evil is pointless and thereby becomes the purpose of their own existence. Gods need evil to exist, to justify their good. What does this mean for our own existence and life? Is there something like truth itself without the concept of the lie if they're co depending? Pushing it to the ultimate and central question of “Hall of Maati”: What happens, if she, the Truth, comes out of her well?
Full of intricate structures and captivating melodies, the band is pushing their music to the next level in terms of songwriting: “Seventh Hour” and “Eclipse of Truth” will take you on a philosophical journey through some of the topics that has kept humanity intrigued for centuries like truth, lies, good, evil, life and death.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) at Ghost City Recordings and mastered by Phillip Welsing at Original Mastering. To be released in physical format on a limited edition 10” vinyl with stunning artwork by artist and illustrator Santiago Caruso.


1. Eclipse Of Truth
2. The Seventh Hour

Photo Credit: Void Revelations

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