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5. Nov. 2021


Besides serving as an expression in the instinctive language inherent in the TREHA SEKTORI project, ‘rejet’ is French for ‘rejection’.

In the dictionary of corporeal modification, rejection occurs when an impulse leaves the body. As mirrored in the first edition of TREHA SEKTORI in literary format – a book entitled The Sensation of Being one of Them – it assumed the form of a primal emotional state. A quixotic reflection, like a mirage, but still deeply felt. Here, rejection is imbued in the process of shedding flesh and replacing it with armour. Scales that no arrow could ever pierce without being absorbed. A body able to drink unscathed from puddles of purest poison; it is the rejection of the mortal cloak.

“Rejet” is one step further in TREHA SEKTORI’s strife to transcend its own limitations. Each and every medium is linked together. All of the accompanying images are crucial factors for those who wish to understand “Rejet” – vestigial structures of these bodies, and testimonies of their burdens.
Fuelling the choice of the book format was the ironclad will to push ever-onwards – a sentiment deeply echoed in each of these tracks. The tunes themselves provide notation to mental images and help blur the borders between different sensory inputs.

The music morphs from abstract inspirations to percussive pulses: heartbeats and breaths, as if beseeching external energies. The soundscape shows greater compositional confidence than before, ranging from desperate primal screams to the acceptance of wounds and the structured chaos of a trance, with disenchanted voices murmuring in the background. It’s designed to bring you to a place where your feet are stuck in the mud and grime, while your spirit soars freely through the fog.


1. Sevorh Deh Armenh
2. Devarhahn
3. Seh Anh Teh Veriah
4. Vorah
5. Neh Ehn Ravh
6. Vehemah Mereh Tahermah
7. Dehoh Nerveh Hahn
8. Virhdemh
9. Kareh Neh A Kehreh Va Nah
10. Obleh

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