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Sumerian Promises
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Sepulchral Voice Records
12. Nov. .2021


Daggers have been brandished and torches have been lit. After the highly acclaimed "Angel Of The Eastern Gate" demo, SIJJIN now descend upon the scene with their first full-length album arcanely entitled "Sumerian Promises". The record marks a 45 minutes long lesson in abyssal furiousness and ripping intensity straight out of the caverns of hell. No rest for the wicked indeed!

The basque/german collaboration has proved extraordinary musicianship while recording all songs live as well as using full takes only. No cuts, no edits, no bullshit. Faithful towards the magic of the elder gods of Death Metal, SIJJIN undoubtably have managed to bring life unto death, or otherwise set death alive. Merely the instrumental passage "Hunting The Lizard" allows a moment to catch some breath while transporting the listener amongst the stone walls of an ancient desert temple.

With "Sumerian Promises", SIJJIN rise the flag of untamable, pitch-black and archaic Death Thrash Metal, rising from the shadows to embrace the unsuspectingly victim with sheer brutality. Harken and behold! Sumerian Promises shall unfold.

"Darkness On Saqqara" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/YjVI-lWT89U


1. Daemon Blessex
2. Dagger Of A Thousand Deaths
3. Those Who Wait To Enter
4. Sumerian Promises
5. Angel Of The Eastern Gate
6. Hunting The Lizard
7. Unchain The Ghost
8. Darkness On Saqqara
9. White Mantras Bleed From Black Magic
10. Outer Chambers Of Entity
11. Condemned By Primal Contact


Malte Gericke - Vocals & Bass
Ekaitz Garmendia - Guitar
Iván Hernández - Drums

Download 300dpi printable (5,1 MB)

Download 300dpi printable (5,1 MB)

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