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20 Buck Spin
8. Oct. 2021 (CD) + 3. Dec. 2021 (LP)


Canada has long been a wellspring from which fierce technical brutality has continuously flowed. In that tradition ATRÆ BILIS offer the imminent predatory attack of "Apexapien", their debut full-length offering and one poised to set them on a path of unfettered exploration and intensity.

Like many bands on the 20 Buck Spin roster ATRÆ BILIS take elements of several metallic sub-genres and twist them together into a distinctive alloy greater then sum of its parts. On "Apexapien" angular blackened dissonance, exhilarating experimental progressivism and crushing guttural savagery merge into a cacophony of violently discordant Death Metal; all held together with a strict focus, discipline and astonishing percussive momentum.

Thoroughly modern in scope and mercilessly severe in execution, the heinous battering inflicted on "Apexapien" establishes ATRÆ BILIS at the vanguard of a new breed of forward looking Death Metal bands not content to simply pay tribute to or completely abandon the genre’s towering progenitors.

"Lore Beyond Bone" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/FggUtIlqMKA


1. Theta
2. Lore Beyond Bone
3. By The Hierophant’s Maw
4. Open The Effigy
5. Bacterium Abloom
6. Into The Seas Of Sepsis
7. Hymn Of The Flies
8. To Entomb The Aetherworld

Photo Credit: Derek Carr

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