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The Broken Seal
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NoEvDia (Europe) / Dark Descent (USA)


NoEvDia and Dark Descent Records present dark and suffocating death metal sorcery from the innermost bowels of the European underground. Seven painstaking years in the making, LVCIFYRE mastermind T. Kaos describes "The Broken Seal" as “the biggest mountain to climb so far” in his 25 years as an active musician.

When LVCIFYRE made their way into Milan’s SPVN Studio in early 2020, they had no idea how much everyday reality would change around them. As the old world drew its final gasping breaths, LVCIFYRE ventured deep into themselves to birth a smothering slab of audible darkness fit to greet the new age. In terms of musical identity, the 2019 mini-LP "Sacrament" was a marked step forward from "Svn Eater" – the second album from 2014, where LVCIFYRE truly started coming into their own. "The Broken Seal" not only showcases additional progression but delves further into uncharted musical dimensions.

Calculating and cruel, steeped in an ambience of controlled fury, the nine tracks offer a jarring journey through the haunted recesses of the mortal mind. They are violent and hypnotic, but also bring out the occasional demented melody to keep things unpredictable. The lyrics – manic demonological verses that read as the album sounds – are roared, chanted, moaned, and snarled with equal parts conviction and possession.

All combined, this results in a soundscape which, whilst firmly rooted in the death metal tradition, is thoroughly imbued with a theatrical vibe and spiritual depth more associated with black metal. "The Broken Seal" is a unique fusion of musical worlds, concocted to plague the reality of flesh.


1. Gods Await Us
2. Tribe of Khem
3. Black Beneath The Sun
4. Headless Rite
5. The Broken Seal
6. The Wolf of The Great Dark
7. The First Archon
8. Blood of Az
9. Black Mass

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