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Angel Born
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Pavement Entertainment


Pavement Entertainment proudly presents “Angel Born” - the fifth full-length album of IMAGES OF EDEN!

IMAGES OF EDEN is a fearless concept band that brings together familiar, well-loved elements of metal and rock combined with their own unique vision, message and delivery. The result is a distinct musical hybrid that speaks directly to the struggles and tribulations of the listener.
Musically, IMAGES OF EDEN draws its inspiration from a hybrid of modern hard rock combined with classic metal, creating a modern sound rife with progressive elements and impassioned, unfeigned vocal delivery.

Each release from IMAGES OF EDEN is a chapter in the tale of a life's journey, dealing specifically with the trials and darkness that each of us must face in this world, each track is meant to inspire the listener to overcome these obstacles through human perseverance strengthened by guidance from above. The distinct vision that gives IMAGES OF EDEN its identity is about drawing strength and determination from faith to see us through our toughest times, but what makes IoE stand out as one of a kind is that its message is simultaneously accessible to everyone while still speaking to the listener on a very personal level.

"Autumn Is Burning" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/4g-vMCOqJOI


1. Autumn Is Burning
2. Angel Born
3. My Promise
4. Where Dreams Begin
5. If?
6. Killing God
7. Fight The Good Fight
8. War Room
9. Serenity Reign
10. Animation In A Still World
11. Marigold Sun
12. In Memory Of Me

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the hard side of life
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