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Supreme Chaos Records
5. Feb. 2021 (NEW DATE!)


OLD GROWTH is a Black Metal band focussing on nature, wilderness, shamanism, primitivism and ancient rites.The concept of this project is to create a shift in perspective away from 'humans creating music', towards an audible 'experience of feral nature' and an immersion into the atmosphere and meaning of the songs and their philosophy. Sole member Animist wrote all the music and lyrics.

The upcoming full-length called "Mossweaver" features seven songs which create an immersive atmosphere. The album can be understood as an ''initiation ritual'' into a world of wilderness and primal landscapes.The message that connects all songs on this album is one of deep gratitude towards the natural world. The songs are dedicated to different aspects of wilderness and they focus on the feral creatures, the mystic world they live in and the web of life, which connects everything.

The lyric's premise is, that we need to rewild ourselves to strengthen our relationship with nature. These songs may become some sort of gateway or starting point for the quest of being wild and free again.

"Red Clouds" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/57GbbxV1VbM


1. Old Growth
2. Oakenheart
3. Red Clouds
4. The Seedling
5. Queen of the Woodland Realm
6. Call of the Night Spirit
7. Altar of Wisdom

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