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Bent Benevolence


Pulverised Records


The impetuous nature of Singapore’s Deathpunk cohort OFFSET is further manifested on their debut MLP “Bent Benevolence”, featuring four tracks of discordant HM-2 lacerations in under ten minutes.

Taking on a spontaneous live recording approach in the studio, the underlying nuance of “Bent Benevolence” is doused with a sense of urgency, resulting in a more cacophonous and suffocating sentiment with credible influences of Motorcharged Punk, Dark Hardcore and Death Metal.
The MLP was recorded and mixed at TNT Studio (Wormrot, WTN, Marijannah, Lubricant, etc) by engineering mogul Ah Boy and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering, USA (Darkthrone, Final Conflict, Trap Them, Aura Noir, etc). It features the extremely bizarre yet captivating cover artwork of cult Japanese Ero Guro manga artist Shintaro Kago and vinyl layout by Heresie Design Studio (Ensnared, Teitanblood, Blut Aus Nord, etc).

OFFSET was formed very quickly over the course of a two-day rehearsal session where the “Besmirch” demo was also recorded live at TNT Studio by K.K Wong (Ah Boy) in one recording take, with the vocals recorded during a different session. The concept behind OFFSET is to create music in an almost spontaneous-like fashion; fast and sharp riffs razor through under the wrath of the mighty HM-2.

Vinyl version with B-side etching available in the following color variants: 100 copies in Baby Blue vinyl ++ 100 copies in Hot Pink vinyl ++ 300 copies in Black vinyl

"Plunged Into" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/p95o4IKW21Y


1. Plunged Into
2. Plugged Illusion
3. Playhell
4. Plagueatory

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