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Aftermath (MLP)
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The Sign Records
3. Sept. 2021 >>> POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 15TH


Sweden’s high-flying garage rock outfit THE HAWKINS are set to release a new mini-album in autumn 2021. Following the release of 2020's ”Silence is a Bomb” and its affiliated live-album ”Live in the Woods”, THE HAWKINS decided to make something different. The result is ”Aftermath”, a conceptual mini-album, dealing with the destructive aftermath of past relationships.

“The theme of Aftermath is kind of like the five stages of grief - but in the context of a relationship falling apart. There is denial in ignoring the signals of destructive relationships. There is anger toward self-profiteering martyrdom and recurring self-hatred from constantly fucking things up. Bargaining and begging for someone else to help you out of misery. Depression as an outcome in almost everything and acceptance in letting go.”

On ”Aftermath”, THE HAWKINS’ rock n roll-wittiness is presented in slightly darkened nuances. The band’s highly dynamic and quirky take on garage rock is performed with an underlying sense of held-back anger, angst, and apprehension. Experimental and bolder than before, ”Aftermath” offers 6 tracks moving from explosive outbursts of energy to calmer, acoustic parts, with manic episodes in between.

Despite its lyrical theme, THE HAWKINS’ signature mix of entertaining songwriting and easy-going energy is present throughout ”Aftermath”, adding up to a highly ambivalent mixture of dead seriousness and fun. ”Aftermath” was recorded at Shiitake Sounds. Mixed by Johannes Carlsson and mastered by Hans Olsson. Cover artwork for the mini-album and its single tracks by Joel “Kebabfinger” Kallioniemi.

"Svääng" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/WwcAXhYVMUA


1. Turncoat Killer
2. Fifth Try
3. Svääng
4. Jim and Kate
5. Cut Me Off Right
6. Aftermath


Johannes Carlsson - Guitars / Lead vocals
Mikael Thunborg - Guitars / Backing vocals
Martin Larsson - Bass / Backing vocals
Albin Grill - Drums / Backing vocals

Photo Credit: Torbjörn Skogsberg

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Download 300dpi printable (1,2 MB)

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