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The Dawn Of Blackened Death
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Impalement / Self Release


"Impalement is forged out of True Metal’s Passion combined with Death Metal’s brutality and Black Metal’s profound soul!" (Beliath)

After being founded by Beliath in 2019, IMPALEMENT released the debut album “The Impalement” on Walpurgis Night, 30th of April 2020. The self-released album, containing 7 tracks as well as guest contributions by Helmuth Lehner (BELPHEGOR), Sarah Jezebel Deva (ex-CRADLE OF FILTH) and drummer Torturer (BETHLEHEM), received not only high acclaim among critics but gathered a noticeable following within the extreme Metal community worldwide.

Despite rare opportunities for live events due to the Covid pandemic, Beliath was able to complete IMPALEMENT's live-lineup in 2021, working with musicians also known for their work in bands like TRIUMPH OF DEATH (HELLHAMMER), NORDJEVEL and many more.

After their first live appearance at the “Baden in Blut Open Air” in July 2021 and several single shows in the following months, IMPALEMENT supported BELPHEGOR and BATUSHKA on their “Black Rituals Euorpean Tour” in November/December 2021.

IMPALEMENT joined MARDUK and VADER on the highly anticipated “United Titans Tour” in 2022, resulting in the band signing to Massive Music as their booking agency.

Shortly after the tour and during IMPALEMENT's festival season in 2022, Beliath started his work on the production of IMPALEMENT's second full-length “The Dawn Of Blackened Death”. The same year, recordings started at the AMP Studios in Duisburg, Germany and in early 2023, Beliath visited the Stage One Studios in Germany to work together with legendary producer Andy Classen (DESTRUCTION, ROTTING CHRIST, BELPHEGOR and many more) in order to mix and master the album.

Like the debut album, the cover artwork was again drawn by Carlos "Black Shadows" Aguilar - known for his work and tattoo art for bands like SLAYER, DARK FUNERAL, WATAIN, DIMMU BORGIR and many more. The work on the layout and additional graphics has been done by Simon Bossert. In addition, like the debut album, the booklet will include 7 song-related illustrations, hand drawn by underground artist Yvonne “Iron Ivy”.

The new album “The Dawn Of Blackened Death” provides 7 tracks, resulting in 41 minutes of IMPALEMENT's unique blend of Death and Black Metal - heavy riffing, brutal intensity as well as aesthetic melodics.

The band will promote the new album on their upcoming European tour, joining forces with GORGOROTH on the “Fear The Eternal Return”-Tour in November/December 2023.


1. The Herd Marches On
2. Dawn Of Blackened Death
3. Legio Nihil
4. The Old Ones
5. Will To Power
6. Death To The Gods
7. Chosen By Tragedy

Line-up / Studio:

Beliath - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Torturer - Drums (Studio)

Line-up / Live:

Beliath - Vocals, Guitar
Raptus - Guitar
Nekroking - Bass
Frostbitten - Drums

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