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OTTONE PESANTE is probably the first “Brassmetal” band in the world, with a unique line-up composed by trumpet, trombone and drums. In this new album entitled “DoomooD” the music slows down and becomes heavier and more obscure, touching unexplored territories and experimentation... a palindrome trip into soul abyss in a hostile, asphyxiating, distressing environment.

OTTONE PESANTE (Heavy Brass in italian) is a unique and incredible band: trumpet, trombone and drums playing metal, making a huge step beyond the traditional idea of Extreme Metal, based on the classic sound of Bass and Guitar. The band formed in Faenza, Italy in 2015 and released 1 EP ("Ottone Pesante" 2015), 2 full-lengths ("Brassphemy" set in stone 2016 & "Apocalips" 2018), a split (Subsound Records split series #8 2019) and a book of scores ("Brassphemy" set in score 2018). With more than 350 shows all over Europe through 18 countries in just 4 years, OTTONE PESANTE is currently destroying a lot of boundaries between Metal, Jazz, Brass and Avantgarde genres.
"DoomooD" is the third album and was composed in a palindrome manner, with a virtual mirror on the pentagram that overturn the composed sequences in two palindrome sides. The climax is the so-called “reverse canon superimposed” followed by the main voice coming down in a reverse motion, sometimes strict, sometimes changing rhythm or role from trumpet to trombone. Brass and drums are, as usual, the only sounding sources of the entire album, but to add a new dimension to their sound, the band invited two guest vocalists: Sara Bianchin from label mates Messa on the spellbinding single-track “Tentacles”, and long time friend Silvo Sassi from Abaton screaming his lungs on “Serpentine Serpentone” and “Strombacea”.

“The parasite inside us proceeds slowly, inexorable, unrestrainable; it can change skin or face, it can deceives us to stop for a moment, but it will go on without rest in a dark, devastating spiral, annihilating us.” - OTTONE PESANTE 2020

Official Track Streams: Serpentine Serpentone +++ Tentacles


1. Intro The Chasm
2. Distress
3. Tentacles
4. Coiling Of The Tubas
5. Serpentine Serpentone
6. Ocean On A Eco
7. Grave
8. Strombacea
9. Endless Spiral Helix
10. End Will Come When Will Ring The Black Bells


Paolo Raineri - Trumpet
Francesco Bucci - Trombone
Beppe Mondini - Drums
Sara Bianchin (guest vocals on track 3)
Silvio Sassi (guest vocals on track 5 & track 8)

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