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Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come
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Testimony Records
24.06.2022 >>> POSTPONED UNTIL 29.07.2022


Testimony Records proudly presents the sophomore full-length of German Death Metallers NIGHTBEARER!

The band's new album "Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come" seamlessly ties in with the virtues of its highly acclaimed predecessor. This time, focussed on more depth concerning songwriting but also more focussed and consistent in terms of atmosphere, melodies and the underlying lyrical concept, NIGHTBEARER do not only stick to the harsh sound and trademarks of the Old School Death Metal they love, but give it a decent modern twist. They take the listener for a phantastic, yet bloody and brutal journey through the world of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel Of Time". And once again the renowned artist Juanjo Castellano is in charge of the epic cover art which reflects sound and lyrics perfectly.

"The Shadow's Waiting" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/kgfl-hHkKVs


01. Wolves By My Side
02. The Dragon Reborn
03. Forever In Darkness
04. A Shadowspawn
05. Blood And Bloody Ashes
06. The Shadow's Waiting
07. Where No Wind Ever Blows
08. A Conquest In Blood
09. Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come
10. Doom, Death, Desolation (Bonus Track)

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