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Lese Majesty
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Lightning & Sons
15. Nov. 2019
Distribution: AISA Music


Extreme metal duo BÖLZER release highly anticipated 5th studio release featuring four new atavistic hymns!

Since their inception 11 years ago BÖLZER have been attracting positive and negative attention alike with their unorthodox approach to a genre fraught with surprisingly conservative dogmas and often outdated elitism. From their unconventional two-man lineup and sparse instrumentation, melodic vocals and generally progressive style, they are no strangers to being strange.

Resuming where the bombastic romanticism of "Hero" left off, "Lese Majesty" rings true of it’s namesake, the uncompromising voice of an heretic granted contemporary audience.

Recorded in Five Lakes Studio, Bavaria by Thomas Taube and set for release via the band's own label Lightning & Sons on November 15th 2019 and distributed worldwide by AISA Music, "Lese Majesty" showcases the band with the organic honesty and intensity they intend to be heard.

Co-founding frontman and primary composer Okoi Jones comments: „Lese Majesty“ is our most mature effort to date. The circumstances constituting what would become our first full length album „Hero“ were extremely liberating and marked a turning point in our creative vision. We have remained increasingly inspired ever since, something we feel is evident within the new material.

Choosing to record with close friend and long time live engineer Thomas Taube was also a most rewarding decision. We felt he possessed the ear and personal introspective to achieve the sound we were after. More emphasis was put on maintaining the organic character of the instrumentation this time around, whilst ensuring everything also sounded as naturally heavy as it would on stage or in the rehearsal space. We are essentially a live band, fueled by the energy generated in an on-stage environment, a sentiment that has dictated the way we write and record since day one.

"A Shepherd In Wolven Skin" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/pPwmdr5nbfM


1. A Shepherd In Wolven Skin
2. Æstivation
3. Into The Temple Of Spears
4. Ave Fluvius! Danu Be Praised!


Fabian „HzR“ Wyrsch- Percussion
Okoi „KzR“ Jones - Guitar & Voice


“Void Dancers MMXIX” European Tour:
27.11.19, HU - Budapest - Dürer Kert
28.11.19, SI - Bohinjska Bistrica
29.11.19, SK - Bratislava - Majestic
30.11.19, PL - Krakow - FOAD Fest
01.12.19, DE - Leipzig - Hellraiser
02.12.19, DE - Hamburg - Markthalle Hamburg
03.12.19, NL - Leiden - Gebr de Nobel
04.12.19, DE - Kassel - Hole In The Svn
05.12.19, DE - Mannheim - MS Connexion Complex
06.12.19, CH - Basel - Sommercasino
07.12.19, AT - Wels - Celebrare Noctem
08.12.19, DE - Oberhausen - Helvete
09.12.19, FR - Paris - Petit Bain
10.12.19, UK - London - The Underworld
11.12.19, BE - Antwerp - Zappa
12.12.19, NL - Effenaar - Eindhoven
13.12.19, DE - Berlin - Columbia Theater
14.12.19, PL - Poznan - Klub u Bazyla
15.12.19, PL - Warsaw- Progresja

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