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Throne Behind A Black Veil
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2. Aug. 2019


Staying true to the ways of old, German black metal act TOTAL HATE is preparing to release its fourth misanthropic album "Throne Behind A Black Veil", due on August 2nd via Eisenwald.

"Throne Behind A Black Veil" sees the Franconian band once again en route to present the ferocious and cold sound of painkilling black metal altitudes of the 1990s. Much like previous outputs, TOTAL HATE -- known for its luminaries and zealots in the sphere of ancient black metal -- continues the path set forth by bands such as Darkthrone, Urgehal, Gorgoroth, Throne of Ahaz and others. Mixed with longtime producer A. Naucke, the album's mastering was once again executed by Patrick W. Engel of Temple of Disharmony.

Hailing from the Bavarian woods of Germany, TOTAL HATE unifies the essence of Scandinavia's true black metal sound. Emerging as a side project of sorts in 2000, the band pays homage to the second wave of black metal with its original blend of orthodox and primitive blackened frost. "Throne Behind A Black Veil" marks 19 years of existence for the band, and proves some things do get better with age. Crushing black metal treasures that stretch away into the Night Sky of 2019.

"Thou Shalt Kill (Killing Spree Unleashed)" - Official Track Stream: https://smarturl.it/totalhatethou


1. Psychopath
2. Decline Of Human Life - Part II
3. Thou Shalt Kill (Killing Spree Unleashed)
4. Raven Wings & Witchcraft Spells
5. His Throne Behind A Black Veil
6. Death Raid Apocalypse
7. Lunatic Beast
8. Venomed Seed


Adrastos - Vocals
Aer - Guitar
Lykos - Bass
Erebos - Guitar
Serrator - Drums


Aug 16 - Thalia Gewölbe - Halle, Germany
Aug 17 - Barther Metal Open Air - Barth, Germany
Sep 28 - Hirsch - Nürnberg, Germany (Franconian Metal Party XVII)

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