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Visions Of A Plague Ridden Sky
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Neckbreaker Records / Bitter Loss Records


Formed in 2018 and fronted by Bangladesh-born Obliterator, Death Metallers KHNVM have quickly made a name for themselves with their blend of aggressive vocals, crushing riffs, and blistering drumming.

Their highly acclaimed debut album, "Foretold Monuments Of Flesh" was released by Testimony Records in 2019 and solidified KHNVM's place in the Death Metal scene. In 2021, they released the highly anticipated second full-length, "Portals To Oblivion", on Neckbreaker Records. The album was again well received by fans and critics alike, showcasing the band's growth and maturity as musicians. To support the release, KHNVM embarked on their first tour ("Ophidian Madness Tour"), playing shows across Germany and at famous festivals such as In Flammen Open Air, Masters of the Unicorn, Damned Days, and Metal Attack Fest.

Despite some difficulties, KHNVM continues to push forward. In 2022, Obliterator had to relocate from Magdeburg to Berlin. He asked drummer Alex Simpson from US Brutal Death legends Incinerate for help and they recorded a mini album entitled "Visions Of A Plague Ridden Sky“, consisting of 5 face-melting Death Metal tracks and 2 instrumentals which showcase Obliterator's eastern classical influence, perfectly blended to set the album’s ambience.

"Visions Of A Plague Ridden Sky" is a thought-provoking album that explores multiple philosophical and spiritual concepts through its lyrics and music. The themes touch upon the concepts of death, the afterlife, human suffering, existentialism and spirituality, delving deep into the human psyche and exploring the darkest corners of the mind. The album's message is to provoke thought and challenge preconceived notions about the world and our place in it.

The mini album, featuring an artwork from Mitchell Nolte, will be released by Neckbreaker Records at the prestigious Protzen Open Air on June 23rd, 2023. A cassette version will follow from the Australian label Bitter Loss Records. KHNVM recently played a Brazilian tour, travelling to 12 cities in 15 days along with local legends like Violator and Headhunter BC. A baltic tour is currently scheduled from October 24th to 31st.

"From The Depths Of Duat" - Official 3D Visualizer: https://youtu.be/nhX1SQNrAM0


1. Awakening The Inner Alchemy I
2. Visions Of A Plague Ridden Sky
3. Hourglass Of Decadence I
4. From The Depths Of Duat
5. Grand Evisceration
6. Hourglass Of Decadence II
7. Awakening The Inner Alchemy II


Obliterator a.k.a Showmik Das - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, SAZ
Alex Simpson - Drums (session)
Matan Goldstein - Percussion

Current live line-up:
Obliterator a.k.a Showmik Das - Guitars, Vocals
Martyr - Bass
Cassian - Drums

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