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Race Against The Sun
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Pavement Entertainment
1. Feb. 2019


Originally forged in the East Midlands of England and now established in London, DETHONATOR is an exciting four-piece heavy metal band. Starting out as teens in the summer of 2002, DETHONATOR has honed its craft over a decade and a half. If Judas Priest define heavy metal, then DETHONATOR is damascus steel-metal forged true with myriad layers of influence drawn from the many stylistic paths explored by their forebears over the past half century.

After 2013’s full-length album, "Return To Damnation" and 2014’s EP, "Monuments to Dead Gods", both self-releases, they reissued their self-titled first album through Killer Metal Records, Germany, which was remixed and partially re-recorded by the current line-up. This eponymous release features many of their most popular songs to date, such as "Harbinger," "Shadows" and "In The Place of The Skull".

Following three years of writing and recording, DETHONATOR is now set to release Part One of their new double album, "Race Against The Sun", on February 1, 2019. This is the band's most accomplished, colourful and tonally varied album to date. The digital release will be through Pavement Entertainment Inc., the physical album will be sold via the band’s website. Details for Part Two of the album will be announced in late 2019.

"Pyroclastic" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/fNTky3_sKX4


1. When Lucifer Fell
2. Nightmare City
3. Burial Ground
4. Ulflag
5. Ghost of the Rolling Horizon
6. Pyroclastic
7. The Hangman
8. Narcisside
9. Terror By Night
10. Sharp's Cairn

Gigs 2019:

2nd February, The Dev, Camden, London, England (album launch)
4th May, Heaven & Hell Festival, Sheffield, England
31st May, The Carlisle, Hastings, England


Tris Lineker: Vocals, Guitars
Henry Brooks: Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Adz Lineker: Bass, Growls
Johnny Mo Armstrong: Drums

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