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Living Tomb


20 Buck Spin
1. Feb. 2019


To start the 2019 campaign off with continued crushing precedent, 20 Buck Spin introduces Portland’s OSSUARIUM and its debut album "Living Tomb". Following on the heels of the widely hailed and brutal ‘Calcified Trophies Of Violence’ demo in 2017, OSSUARIUM‘s first full length record reveals immediate maturation to ruinous and overwhelming effect.

A formidable Death/Doom monstrosity where devastating sonic bludgeoning gives way to writhing hallucinations of disemboweling transcendence, OSSUARIUM conveys the calamitous aura of still burdened souls agonizingly leaving the mortal coil to the region of final darkness and perpetual rot. Time melts away, colorless dreams turn to endless nightmares and the pillars of eternity tremble at the dreadful permanence of the "Living Tomb".

In crafting its debut album OSSUARIUM creates a funereal rite of irrevocable passage to the other side. It does so with the grandiose power and putrid elegance of the best in the Death / Doom genre. The "Living Tomb" has opened to wrathful consequence and will never again rest in peace.

"Blaze Of Bodies" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/GlkB48lnTRU


1. Intro
2. Blaze Of Bodies
3. Vomiting Black Death
4. Corrosive Hallucinations
5. Writhing In Emptiness
6. End Of Life Dreams And Visions Pt. 1
7. Malicious Equivalence
8. End Of Life Dreams And Visions Pt. 2

Photo Credit: Matt Pie

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