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Worlds Open, Worlds Collide


Terratur Possessions
5. Oct. 2018
Distribution: Ván Records


The music within this album, now known as the band’s final swansong, holds so much of what has come to define ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD, until now chiefly showcased in its many live incarnations, ranging from the rabid, unruly primitivism of the early material to the ominous, slightly surreal atmospheres they began to explore later on. There is material here as old as a decade, as well as what would be considered brand new, written these past few years.

More punk than most punk bands, blacker than most black metal bands, and without being any of the above, "Worlds Open, Worlds Collide" is in its purest form an attempt at organizing absolute chaos: From the doomy opening riff in ”Arrival, Yet Again” to the borderline progressive and oddly epic ”Summon Surreal Surrender” the strange, wildfire-lit universe of ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD is explored throughout the album.

Lyrically "Worlds Open, Worlds Collide" explores the liminal states between chaos and control, certainty and uncertainty, reality and madness. Brief moments of perceived triumph are experienced only to be ruthlessly thrown into an abyss of fear and doubt, as hope and despair blast into each other, again and again.

"Rise in Red" - Official Track Stream: https://soundcloud.com/terratvr-possessions/one-tail-one-head-rise-in-red


1. Certainly Not
2. Arrival, Yet Again
3. Worlds Open, Worlds Collide
4. Stellar Storms
5. An Utter Lack Of Meaning, Hither To Unbeknownst, Suddenly Revealed
6. Firebirds
7. Sordid Sanctitude
8. Rise in Red
9. Passage
10. Summon Surreal Surrender


Afgrundsprofet - Vocals
Tylden - Bass
Åsli - Guitars
Sundli - Drums


ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD was founded in Trondheim in 2007 by guitarist Jan Even and drummer Sundli, joined by Steingrim Torson bass and Afgrundsprofet on vocals, with the intent of making abrasive and ugly music, and shortly two cassette tapes were released which were highly regarded and recognized in the metal underground for its stripped down, back-to-basics sound.

In 2009 the band was abruptly set back by the passing of bass player Torson. Still the band decided to continue with the replacement of Andreas Tylden. Soon, the band progressed into its own identity, playing numerous of shows and touring both Europe and USA, instantly and notoriously getting recognition for their relentless and furious live shows.

Following 2018, nearly ten years after its inception, the beast that is ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD will be put to rest after the forthcoming European tour this autumn with Taake and Bölzer. A one last performance will be held in the band’s hometown of Trondheim, December 1st, supporting Enslaved. This, and "Worlds Open, Worlds Collide", will be the band’s final statement.

Photo Credit: Rune Røstad

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