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For over a decade, FIRTAN has been a relentless force in the German Extreme Metal Scene, captivating audiences with their dynamic performances across Europe. Inspired by the raw energy of 90s Black Metal bands, their sound has evolved into a unique, more progressive entity, shedding eclectic influences for a multifaceted and innovative approach.

At the core of FIRTAN's music stands an increasingly aggressive and frenetic sound characterized by powerful guitars and intense, visceral vocals. The haunting presence of the acoustic and electric violin weaves through their compositions with melancholic, experimental, and evocative tones. The incorporation of other acoustic instruments, such as the dulcimer, as well as analogue synthesizers, adds layers of depth. This blend creates a unique tension and complexity, enhancing the band's intricate riffing and unexpected musical shifts.

With three albums and two EPs to their name, FIRTAN's discography showcases a clear and audible progression. In September 2024, they will unveil their fourth album, "Ethos" through AOP Records. A work that promises to be their deepest, rawest, and heaviest yet. "Ethos" delves into serious existential themes in an abstract manner, contrasting decline and opportunity within an ambivalent context. This juxtaposition is reflected in the music itself, confronting listeners with the harshness and sonic tension between harmony and dissonance, revealing the meaning and emptiness of existence.

"Ethos" will be following the critically acclaimed "Marter" and stands as a testament to the vibrant dynamics within the German Black Metal Scene. The album will feature guest performances from J.J. (Harakiri for the Sky, Karg) and L.G. (Ellende).

Expect to be immersed in a world where melody and chaos collide, where unapologetic riffing and haunting melodies guide you through the shadows of the human condition.

"Wermut hoch am Firmament" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/a9igsOhFR0w


1. Hrenga [feat. guest vocals of J.J. (Harakiri For The Sky / Karg)]
2. Zores
3. Contra Vermes
4. Arkanum
5. Wermut hoch am Firmament [feat. guest vocals of L.G. (Ellende)]
6. Moloch
7. Ruakh
8. Komm herbei, schwarze Nacht
9. Wenn sich mir einst alle Ringe schließen

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