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Lyaeus Nebularum


Terror From Hell Records
Release date: 30.03.2018
Distribution: Code7 (UK), Clear Spot (NL), Hells Headbangers (USA)


Digging up the Italian underground of early 90s it is undeniable that NIHILI LOCUS were amongst the most interesting bands active around that time. This compilation features thirteen tracks off from their first 3 releases, plus two unrealeased songs: dark and anguished Death/Black enhanced by female vocals, slowed down doomy parts and an overall sense of worriment. Heavy riffages paired with disheartened ones, fierce growling, a good hint of atmospheric and melancholic passages makes this release a documentation of a sombre journey to the dark pit of the unknown. All tracks has been remastered at The Devil's Mark Studios in Rome (Destroyer 666, Demonomancy).


1. Memoriam Tenere
2. Silvara
3. Memoriam Tenere (Rigor Mortis)
4. Ancient Beliefs Forgotten
5. Deathly Silence Nebulae
6. Gloomy Theatre of Ruins
7. Canto (of a Nightly Jewel)
8. Dance of the Crying Soul
9. ...Advesperascit...
10. Buio/XII Touches
11. Tectum Nemoralibus Umbris
12. Lugubri Lai
13. La Notte Eterna

Tracks 1-2-3 taken from '...Ad Nihilum Recidunt Omnia' MCD
Tracks 4-5 taken from 'Sub Hyerosolyma' EP
Tracks 6-11 taken from '... Advesperascit...' Demo
Tracks 12-13 never released before (recorded in 1997)


Bruno Blasi - vocals
Valeria De Benedictis - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Mauro Veronese - guitars, vocals
Massimo CurrĂ² - bass
Roberto Ripollino - drums, vocals
Simone Fanciotto - keyboards


1992 - 'Sub Hyerosolyma' 7"EP (Obscure Plasma)
1994 - '...Advesperascit...'' DEMO - TAPE (self-released)
1996 - '...Ad Nihilum Recidunt Omnia' MCD (Boundless Records)
2010 - 'Mors' unreleased album

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