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High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


Without the shadow of a doubt Leather Leone is one of the most legendary female heavy metal vocalists of all time. She began her singing career by joining up with guitar wunderkind David T. Chastain. Chastain's 1985 album »Mystery Of Illusion« is an all-time metal classic. Not least thanks to Leather's outstanding vocal performance on the record. In 1989, LEATHER released her first solo effort called »Shock Waves« through David Chastain's own Leviathan Records label.

A mere 29 years later she is now presenting her follow up album simply enough called »Leather II«. “I have never thought of »Leather II« as a follow up,” Leone says. “That was so long ago, and I was so not in touch with life as I am now. I have been with this record from a simple conversation with the band in Colombia to now. The experience of that is extremely different than »Shock Waves«. I am in a total different place with a different family. I am finally okay with my mind and have found a team that is with me. With »Shock Waves« I was young and not asking questions. I believe it is a life process that I am blessed enough to continue. So no, this is not a follow up, this is a new chapter.”

A song like "The Outsider" on the new album sounds quite a lot like a version of Judas Priest circa "Screaming For Vengeance" with female vocals. »Leather II« for sure is a true blue heavy metal album from start to finish ... “We are all inspired by the older incomparable metal sound,” remarks Leather Leone. “The boys from Brazil, as I call the band, are extremely into the metal of the 80s. They are actually into an assortment of different music from the 70s, 80s and 90s which was another strange path for me. I’m glad you noticed. Thank you, that is a huge compliment. For you, Mr Halford ...”

"Lost at Midnite" - Official lyric video: https://youtu.be/y5HbAWfllfg


1. Juggernaut
2. The Outsider
3. Lost At Midnite
4. Black Smoke
5. The One
6. Annabelle
7. Hidden In The Dark
8. Sleep Deep
9. Let Me Kneel
10. American Woman
11. Give Me Reason


Leather Leone - Lead Vocals
Vinnie Tex - Lead, Rhythm and Harmony Guitars
Daemon Ross - Lead Guitars
Thiago Velasquez - Bass Guitar
Braulio Drumond - Drums

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