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After a quarter of a century and seven albums, MINAS MORGUL have arrived at the core of their artistic identity with their eighth opus "Nebelung".

The last two remaining founding members Saule (guitar) and Berserk (drums) have created a tremendously personal, intense and moving album based on their long-standing, deep connection. Free of external expectations, constraints and sensitivities, the result is a work that, in its forbidding coldness, brings out the band's black metal side more than ever, and is thus more reminiscent of the greats of the Norwegian 90s than of the German black/pagan metal scene that MINAS MORGUL have helped to found since 1997.

As such, the musical side of "Nebelung" harmonizes with Berserk's self-reflective, thoughtful lyrics, which are more than decorative accessories for MINAS MORGUL: "The focus of the lyrics is me as a human being with the question of where I stand in this world, where my place is and what connects me to it. They are a critical reflection on coexistence with other individuals, which leads in a very emotional way to the realization that it can be more liberating, more healing, to turn away from them to find your peace apart in the arms of Mother Earth."

The two musicians received help in realizing their vision from two other musicians during the studio production of the album. These are on the one hand Alboin (Eïs, Plutonyan), who is responsible for the bass, keyboards, parts of the guitars and some vocals on "Nebelung", as well as for the production under the banner of Nightside Audio. On the other hand, Stef (ex-Jörmungand), who was already heard as a guest vocalist on the previous album "Heimkehr", now shows the full depth of his vocal expressiveness on "Nebelung". Last but not least, Ferndal mastermind Lestaya fulfilled a long-cherished wish of the band and gave the album a cello piece as an intro.

After the production was finished, both Stef and Alboin joined the band, so MINAS MORGUL are now ready as a quartet to present "Nebelung" on stage after a four-year live break.

"Inter Stellas" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/ZktnKQ-0s0s


1. Beginn
2. Nebelung
3. Trümmer
4. Ritual
5. Inter Stellas
6. Morast
7. Wolfskind
8. Aufbruch
9. Lethargie


Saule - Guitars
Berserk - Drums
Stef - Vocals & Bass
Alboin - Guitars

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