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Rise Of The Dead


Empire Records


Empire Records proudly presents "Rise Of The Dead", the third full-length album of Belgian Black/Thrashers DEVASTATIÖN!

In the forgotten meadow landscapes of East-Flanders, Kaprijke, four old school rebels decided to wreck some mayhem and founded their Black Thrash band DEVASTATIÖN. From the recesses of their first try out Heavy Metal band called BLACK FUEL, formed in 2006, they decided to dig deeper and pour more hatred and long forgotten cult tales into their blood sharing songs.

Still, they had a long way to go, starting with their demo, created in September 2007, they tasted the sounds of old school Teutonic Thrash. The descriptive fast aggressive material resulted as an example in their all-time classic “Society Will Die Tonight”. With this blasting demo and succeeding to get signed by Battle Cat Productions, DEVASTATIÖN moved onwards to their first full-length album, created in similar style, called “Leather Jack Maniac” which was released in 2011. The album was commonly well perceived and the guys could glory in releasing pent up energy and aggression in creating their second album “Pussy Juice Blues”, which was released in 2015. The fast aggressive riffs accompanied by the cheeky bass and battery drum created the sound to tell tales of their lost hope in society as well as personal stories.

But they wanted more. Their world was shifting and darkness always lured around another corner. Inspired by cult legends, such as Sodom, Possessed, Sadus, Destroyer 666, Nifelheim and the likes DEVASTATIÖN felt the pull of evil at their fingertips. The gradual combination of Thrash with Black influences got more and more pronounced in every new song they wrote. The explosion of their EP “Drink With The Devil” in 2018 is a testament of this journey where they delve into darker realms.
Now, in this new era, they journeyed the 9 circles of Hell to come full circle and bring you their new all complete Evil Black/Thrash album “Rise Of The Dead”. Prepare or Die.

"Necronomicon" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/Ak8XLDhHkDs


01. Black Abyss
02. Unholy Ritual
03. Undead
04. Necronomicon
05. Eternal War (For Immortality)
06. Beyond The Arctic
07. Black Winter Night
08. Cathedral of Lost Souls
09. Blood Eagle
10. Into the Void
11. Wild Hunt


Matthieu Brasseur - Vocals
Tim Matthijs - Guitars
Maarten De Zutter - Bass
Tom Heynssens - Drums

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