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From Fields Of Fire


Cruz Del Sur Music
8. Sept. 2017


ARGUS no longer needs an introduction. Three studio albums, three EPs, several European tours, US showcases and festival appearances have established their name in the Heavy Metal universe. Yet, ARGUS is a band not content to rest on its achievements. They are still hungry - a growing and strengthening animal that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. However; four years have passed from their last “Beyond The Martyrs” album and a reasonable curiosity might arise as to what the band has going on creatively. Judging from the outside almost nothing seems to have changed... Another exceptional and visionary cover provided by Brad Moore, and an intro/outro on the tracklist, another of ARGUS’ trademarks through all their records. But it’s when you get on the inside, when you bite this album below the flesh to the bones, that you realize ARGUS has not only been able to maintain their uniqueness but also raised the quality of their creativity and therefore the stakes for their future. There’s a definite step ahead in terms of production and songwriting, which has reached the highest quality with the addition of producer and guitarist Dave Watson and bassist Justin Campbell in the line-up. The tense opener “Devils of Your Time” and the emotional closing “No Right to Grieve” are the songs that most clearly express their courage and confidence of exploring unusual sonic paths.

But it’s the entire album that confirms that ARGUS is probably the best band nowadays to pay homage to traditional Heavy Metal without merely aping their heroes. This is true Metal with Doom elements, two worlds that often touch but have never been as well synthesized into a single, organic sound as they are here. “From Fields of Fire” features some real Heavy Metal gems: the infectious melodies and guitar-drive of “You Are the Curse” and “216”, the moody “Hour Of Longing”, the galloping sound of “As A Thousand Thieves” and the borderline epic, ever-shifting majesty of “Infinite Lives, Infinite Doors”.

“From Fields of Fire” is an album that parts are as strong as the whole, where each track is a highlight; yet, it is also an album that demands to be absorbed as a whole where the music, lyrics and atmosphere reach deep inside of you and take root as your appreciation of this band and this music grows to be a part of you.

“From Fields of Fire” is the defining moment from a band who has delivered the goods album after album. It is the highlight of their career to date and an album that will be seen as a highlight in Heavy Metal circles, not just this year, but for years to come!


1. Into the Fields of Fire
2. Devils of Your Time
3. As a Thousand Thieves
4. 216
5. You Are the Curse
6. Infinite Lives Infinite Doors
7. Hour of Longing
8. No Right to Grieve
9. From the Fields of Fire


Brian ‘Butch’ Balich – Vocals
Dave Watson – Guitars
Jason Mucio – Guitars
Justin Campbell – Bass
Kevin Latchaw – Drums


08.09.2017 – Dornbirn AT – Schlachthaus
09.09.2017 – Olten CH – Coq d’Or
10.09.2017 – Münster DE – Sputnikhalle
12.09.2017 – Oldenburg DE – MTS Record Store
13.09.2017 – Hamburg DE – Bambi Galore
14.09.2017 – Berlin DE – Urban Spree
15.09.2017 – Weimar DE – Kasseturm
16.09.2017 – Püchersreuth DE – Storm Crusher Festival


Argus (2009, Shadow Kingdom)
Boldly Stride The Doomed (2011, Cruz Del Sur Music)
Beyond The Martyrs (2013, Cruz Del Sur Music)
Death Hath No Coscience ( 7’’ - 2015, Cruz Del Sur Music)

the hard side of life
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