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Spiritus Immundus


Pulverised Records
Distribution: PHD & Soulfood


With its original inception founded by notorious Death Metal legend Kam Lee, AKATHARTA is a terrifying underworld entity of all unclean spirits; the debut album "Spiritus Immundus" brings forth a wrathful traverse into the macrocosm of the unspeakable.

Densely influenced by the scathing sounds of funeral drone-like masters such as Skepticism and Thergothon, "Spiritus Immundus" features actual EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured from all across the globe, giving the overall vibe a breath of dismal and otherworldly condemnation.
Recorded at several studio locations and with the mixing and mastering duties meticulously helmed by Dennis "DerClint" Israel at Clintworks (Amon Amarth, Misery Index, 3 Inches Of Blood, etc), album cover artwork by Malaysian illustrator Irwan Ironworx (Bone Gnawer, Deathevoker, etc) and also with the iconic Lord Of Logos Christophe Szpajdel (Emperor, Old Man's Child, Enthroned, etc) putting his signature stamp on the band logo.


1. Macabre Reflections In The Dark
2. Onryƍ (Wrath Of A Vengeful Ghost)
3. Tenebrarum In Aeternum
4. Nocturnal Interment
5. Phantasmagories
6. Transpierce The Umbra
7. Possessione Diabolica
8. Pneumata
9. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)


Conceived as far back as 1999 - under the moniker URIZEN, this band/project is the nightmarish dreamchild of death metal frontman Kam Lee. Finally changing the name to AKATHARTA in around the early 2000s and settling with it.
Kam always envisioned and wanted to form a band with music that expresses the paranormal and complete feeling of dread and doom of the grave and beyond. After several false starts and many member changes going back as far as 2006. It has taken nearly 16 years to finally find the right musicians to bring this dream/nightmare to reality.

the hard side of life
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