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Will Of The Strong


Dragonheart Records / Audioglobe


Dragonheart proudly presents the new album of Italian Metallers WHITE SKULL!

Formed in 1988, the group has established itself in the European and Italian Power Metal scene by publishing albums for prestigious labels such as Nuclear Blast and Breaker and by playing several gigs in Europe with Grave Digger, UDO, Doro, Blind Guardian, etc. Following the positive turnout of 2012's “Under This Flag”, they are now ready to present the 10th album of their career: “Will Of The Strong”.

The band of guitar player Tony Mad Fontò and singer Federica Sister Boni is still going strong and White Skull is now releasing a new album that cannot be missed by true metalheads. The headbanging is wild, the sound is solid and it rocks hard! Fast-paced tracks with aggressive rhythmics are followed by songs with great melodies and atmosphere. Epic choruses and powerful riffs will capture the listener and make everyone want to sing along, picturing the show is right there. Federica's vocals elevate the new line-up performance that reaches its best feeling and fellowship ever.

“Will of the Strong” has been produced by Tony Mad Fontò, recorded and mastered in winter 2016-2017 at New Sin Studio (Loria-TV) with sound engineer Luigi Stefanini. The combination Fontò-Stefanini has resulted in a modern and well balanced product, enriched by a heavy and hammering sound that elevates the band’s impact and brings out the voice of Federica Sister. Raise your shields and be ready to fight!


1. Endless Rage
2. Holy Warrior
3. Grace O' Malley
4. Will Of The Strong
5. Lady of Hope
6. I Am Your Queen
7. Hope Has Wings
8. Metal Indian
9. Shieldmaiden
10. Sacrifice
11. Lay Over
12. Warrior Spirit


“I Won’t Burn Alone” (1995, Underground Symphony)
“Embittered” (1997, Underground Symphony)
“Tales From The North” (1999, Nuclear Blast)
“Public Glory, Secret Agony” (2000, Breaker/Nuclear Blast)
“The Dark Age” (2002, Frontiers)
“The XIII Skull” (2004, Frontiers)
“The Ring Of The Ancients” (2006, Dragonheart)
“Forever Fight” (2009, Dragonheart)
“Under This Flag” (2012, Dragonheart)
“Will Of The Strong” (2017, Dragonheart)


Federica “Sister” De Boni : Vocal
Tony “Mad” Fontò : Rhythm Guitar
Danilo Bar : Lead Guitar
Alexandros Muscio : Keyboards
Jo Raddi : Bass
Alex Mantiero : Drums

the hard side of life
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