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Barbara The Witch


Crime Records


Norwegian Horror Thrashers CRITICAL SOLUTION are back with a new album! “Barbara The Witch”, the band’s third full-length since their formation in 2005, is a concept album based on a true story from their hometown Helleland which took place in the 1600s. Recorded at Sonic Train Studios with producer Andy La Rocque at the helm, this is the most Horror filled album they have ever made, garnished with an amazing cover artwork by Mario Lopez. The story lines are narrated by "The God Of Hellfire" Arthur Brown, and the album will be released as a digipack including a bonus disc entitled "Covers From Hell".

Described by some as the child of King Diamond and Testament with influences from Alice Cooper and Arthur Brown, CRITICAL SOLUTION have toured Europe with bands like W.A.S.P, Marduk and Diamond Head, to name a few, and are known for their theatrical themed shows and impressive guest appearances on their albums.

"Barbara The Witch" - Official video clip: https://youtu.be/2DMYg3r82_k


CD1 - "Barbara The Witch"
1. Natas Fo Live
2. The Village
3. Barbara the Witch
4. Red Hooded Devils
5. Peter Crow
6. The Burning Pyre
7. End of the Beginning
8. The Headless Horsemen
9. Officer Green
10. A Lady in White
11. Return of the Witch
12. Into the Abyss

CD 2 - Bonus disc - "Covers From Hell"
1. Locked up in Snow (King Diamond's Black Rose cover)
2. Let it Die (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
3. Killed by Death (Motörhead cover feat. Whitfield Crane/LaRocque)
4. Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover)
5. Speed King (Deep Purple cover)
6. Gypsy (Uriah Heep cover feat. Snowy Shaw)


Evidence of Things Unseen - EP (2011)
Evil Never Dies (2013)
The Death Lament - EP (2014)
Sleepwalker (2015)
Barabara The Witch (2017)


Christer Slettebø - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Egil Mydland - Drums
Eimund Grøsfjell - Bass Guitar
Bjørnar Grøsfjell - Guitar

the hard side of life
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