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Ranka Kustannus / Soulfood
05.05.2017 (GER)


TEMPLE BALLS is an energetic five-headed rock monster from Oulu, Finland!

The band was founded when the guys were mere 14 years of age, in 2009. The band finally reached their current form in 2014. In the time-tested tradition of everyone from Aerosmith to Van Halen, it is the driving, hard hitting drum beats, the massive wall of bass, incandescently blazing fretboard wizardry and the melodic guitar licks that lay the foundation for the band's brazen classic rock sound, and the things which truly set the youngsters apart from their peers is their sovereignty in things that really matter: memorable refrains, melodic hooks, heartfelt lyrics and the vocalist's uniquely tinted yet classic singing style. It’s as simple as this: You need to be deaf not to notice there’s something special going on here.

Young as they are, as of late TEMPLE BALLS have been working their derrieres off in the studio and stages alike. The fabulous five have had the pleasure of being in the receiving end of some mightily flattering feedback from the festival audiences of some of the most prominent Finnish festivals; Qstock, Provinssi, Ilosaarirock, South Park and Jalometalli, and also had the privilege of supporting some of the biggest of the big in the business, namely Queen, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. Whatever the skyrocketing success story this far has thrown at them, everything Temple Balls has aced with flying colors, never looking one iota out of place on any stage.

Among the many marvelous things of 2016, the crown jewel for TEMPLE BALLS was the signed record deal with Ranka Kustannus. Not long after, together with Swedish producer Tobias Lindell (Mustasch, H.E.A.T, Europe etc.) the band concluded work on their debut album at Karma Sound Studios in Thailand.

"Off The Grid" - Official video: https://youtu.be/rsU7MR7Rqgs

"Hell and Feelin' Fine" - Official video: https://youtu.be/Qu1ILDOKRrw


1. Intro
2. Off The Grid
3. Freek Flag
4. Hell and Feelin' Fine
5. We Stand Tall
6. Mad
7. Let's Get It On
8. Hang On
9. Ride Along
10. Six Ways To Sunday
11. Under My Feet


Arde - Vox
Jiri - Guitar
Santeri - Guitar
Jimi - Bass
Antti – Drums

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