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The Germs Of Circumstance
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Soulseller Records
9. Oct. 2020


Death Metal bulldozers JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN return with their fifth full-length, entitled "The Germs of Circumstance"!

After collaborating on a song for the first MEGASCAVENGER album, Paul Speckmann and Rogga Johansson decided that working on a full album together would be the next thing to do. Said and done: in 2013, they unleashed their debut "Sulphur Skies" and presented a perfect mix of their main bands MASTER and PAGANIZER. Since then the guys have released a split 7" and three more albums, namely "Mask Of The Treacherous" (2015), "Edge Of The Abyss" (2016) and "From The Mouth Of Madness" (2018).

On "The Germs Of Circumstance", the deadly duo is once again backed up by drummer Brynjar Helgetun. The artwork was created by Arvin Palma. Be prepared for monstrous and dark brooding heaviness: no frills, no bullshit - true old school!

Paul Speckmann comments: “We’ve come to album number 5 with the Johansson-Speckmann project. I take great pride in working with the fellas and creating the lyrics for these killer songs Rogga writes. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work together of course. I hope you all enjoy this latest installment. The Germs of circumstance is coming to a shop near you!”

Rogga Johansson adds: “For this the fifth album we stepped it up. Its faster and harder and more aggressive than before. And that fits J&S killer. This will make you utterly happy if you like it raw and dirty.”

Official Track Streams: The Germs Of Circumstance +++ Take The Lions Share +++ Confessions of A Vital Leader


1. The Germs of Circumstance
2. One World One Leader
3. Take the Lions Share
4. I Was Left to Stare
5. Generations Antidote
6. Confessions of A Vital Leader
7. Provoke the Collective
8. Devour Engage the Hour the Rage


Paul Speckmann - Vocals
Rogga Johansson - Guitars, Bass
Brynjar Helgetun - Drums

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