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Israeli Progressive Extreme Metal band WINTERHORDE is finally back with their long awaited studio album to be released on May 20th, 2016. Gathering their utmost musical expertise and vision, the veterans orchestrated a powerful epic tale of classical music and divine madness while drowning deep into the clutches of the underworld. Rest assured that WINTERHORDE will be unleashing their strongest and most emotive powerhouse to date, be ready for a true and deadly epic to penetrate your ears. Between enchanting tenderness and brutality, amongst the fires of the underneath and the coldest fumes of the North, this is the being called WINTERHORDE.

Emerged in Northern Israel back in 2001, the Progressive Extreme Metal group has been evolving, seeking to become something greater with each chord they play and record, and only the skies are the limit. Whether through ancient arts of blackened Metal through the gems of progression, WINTERHORDE are on their way to be the next thing in articulate extremity.

Throughout their career, almost spanning two decades, WINTERHORDE saw the battles on stage, performing locally in extreme Metal events and festivals, supporting acts such as DARK FUNERAL, MELECHESH, BEHEMOTH or CATAMENIA. Furthermore, WINTERHORDE shared stages in European festivals such as “OST Mountain Fest”, “Metalhead Meeting” or “Maximum Rock” with some of the greatest bands in Metal such as W.A.S.P, KEEP OF KALESSIN, ONSLAUGHT, NEGURA BUNGET, AMORPHIS, BLOODBATH, SATYRICON and more…

Following the releases of their debut, “Nebula” (2006, Burning Star Records), and “Underwatermoon” (2010, Twilight Vertrieb – produced by V.Santura (DARK FORTRESS, OBSCURA, PARADOX, TRYPTIKON), WINTERHORDE completed their next mysterious epos, “Maestro”. Once again produced and mixed by V.Santura, with the mastering handled by the renowned Jens Bogren, “Maestro”.

With renewed energy running through their veins, and with a new staggering lineup, WINTERHORDE are bound to spread their emotional darkness to whoever that is willing to feed upon magnificence.

Guest appearances by: Jiri Valter (ROOT) & Peter Huss (SHINING)!

"Antipath" - audio clip: youtu.be/_o2ieEEoRIU


1. That Night In Prague
2. Antipath
3. Worms Of Souls
4. They Came With Eyes Of Fire
5. Chronic Death
6. The Heart Of Coryphee
7. A Dying Swan
8. Maestro
9. Through The Broken Mirror
10. Cold
11. Dancing In Flames


Z.Winter - Vocals
Ig Kun - Vocals
Dima Stoller - Guitars
Omer Naveh - Guitars
Sascha Latman - Bass
Alexander Feldman - Keyboards
Maor Netz – Drums

the hard side of life
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