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Non Serviam Records


RIMFROST is a three-piece band from Sweden that explores a variety of styles within the genres of black and death metal and delivers a refined blend of dark melodies, crushing riffs and technical percussion. Formed back in 2002, RIMFROST signed to Non Serviam Records in October 2015 and now deliver their self-titled and third full-length which strikes down everything in its path and displays the band stronger than ever.


1. As The Silver Curtain Closes
2. Saga North
3. Beyond The Mountains Of Rime
4. Dark Prophecies
5. Ragnarök
6. Cold
7. Witches Hammer
8. Frostlaid Skies


Hravn - Vocals / Guitar
Throllv - Drums
B.C - Bass


RIMFROST started out in summer 2002, when 14 years old singer and guitarist Hravn joined forces with drummer Throllv of same age under the name MÖRKRETS FURSTAR (“Lords of Darkness”) in the Swedish town Hagfors. In October 2002 they recorded a self-titled demo on a four-channel MD4. After playing primitive Black Metal and exclusively using Swedish lyrics, the band changed its name to RIMFROST and turned towards a more technical style just one year later.

In these early years the members of the band are still a bunch of school kids, but driven by a strong will and burning desire to play Black Metal. Their first demo under the name RIMFROST was recorded in the year 2003 in the Hairy Bones Studios in Karlstad.

“Unredeemed Demons” features English lyrics and was released in only ten copies although the booklet states fifteen. Spending most of their time in the rehearsal room, Hravn and Throllv quickly progressed in their abilities as musicians and songwriters. One year later, when the band’s attempts were getting more serious, there were joined by bassist Frozthirw and entered the Black Lounge Studios in Avesta to recorded new demo songs with producer Jonas Kjellgren and the declared aim to acquire a record deal. These demo recordings became known under the title “Winds of Hostility” (2005),

but were never published. There was immediate interest, but the labels ask for another song. RIMFROST return to Avesta and accordingly recorded “At the Mighty Halls They’ll Walk”.

RIMFROST receive a good offer and the members being young quickly signed the deal. The Swedes released three of their demo songs as an MCD in December 2005, entitled “A Journey to a Greater End”. The first reactions were enthusiastic and RIMFROST got chosen out of hundreds of contenders to perform at the prestigious Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway in 2006 where they could introduce themselves to an international audience.

While RIMFROST prepared for their debut album, Hravn and Throllv decide to part ways with bassist Frozthirw. The duo recruited Beuwolf as a replacment, who had already performed with them as a live guitarist and shared the other members’ visions on musical expression and professionalism of performance.

During six days in August 2006, RIMFROST returned to the Black Lounge Studios to produce their debut album with Jonas Kjellgren once again. “A Frozen World Unknown” was released on October 28th the same year. Although the album was received with critical acclaim, dark clouds were gathering on the horizon. The band discovered serious disagreements with its label and Throllv moves from Hagfors to Borås. The long distance between the members as well as the search for a new label made the band effectively putting all activities on hold.

In January 2008 Hravn followed to Borås and RIMFROST was infused with new live. After extensive rehearsals and writing new material the band signed a new deal with Season of Mist. After almost a year of preparation it became clear that now Beuwolf lived at a too great distance to continue playing in RIMFROST. Both sides concluded with regrets to part ways as friends for the time being, but Beuwolf continues to assist the main duo in its song-writing and will hopefully join the band again as a guest musician in future.

Without a permanent bass-player in the band, Peter Laustsen (Nox Aurea, ex-The Cold Existence) took over those duties as a session-member and plucks all thick strings during the recording of “Veraldar Nagli”. RIMFROST’s second album was recorded in Sonic Train Studios with renowned producer Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) heading the proceedings and assisted by Peter Laustsen as well as the band.

With the second album released” on November 16th, 2009 (January 12th, 2010 in the USA) a new chapter in the saga of RIMFROST started, however, even if received with great words from fans around the world, there is not much happening in the RIMFROST camp. Only two shows were done to support this album and then the band ends up in a coma.

RIMFROST main demons, Hravn and Throllv, started working on new material and published their first music-video for a track entitled “Witches Hammer” together with their new recruited bassist B.C.

During this period the band also did a few gigs to get the new line-up in perfect balance, starting with its first appearance in Germany ever, the band played in Hamburg on “Metal Days” in September 2012.

the hard side of life
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