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Element Of Destruction


Deathstrike Records


Deathstrike Records proudly presents the first full-length-album of German Black/Doom duo BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN!

The malice spell of BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN was summoned by Avenger (NOCTURNAL, FRONT BEAST, ANGEL OF DAMNATION among others) in the year 2006 after supposed bastard's birth. Soon after he asked another conjurer of the Black Arts to join him and thus Molestor Kadotus (ANAL BLASPHEMY, MUSTA KAPPELI) became a part of this unholy duo. First release of this entity was the debut demo "Black Candles Burn" in 2007 which presented the style of BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN to the cultists of the Left Hand Path. Black Metal in mid-tempo and slow, almost doomy pace to perfectly reflect the lyrical themes pondering the secrets of the nightside realm. Rather than focusing on the usual christbashing the lyrics deal with Theistic Satanism, occultism, mysteries of the soul, darkness, death and so forth like in True Black Metal should be. Avenger is responsible for performing the instruments and creating the music while Molestor Kadotus acts as a gateway for the messages from the unknown gods beyond, writing lyrics and outspeaks them in growls and howls. The second release was cast in the following year, "Fullmoon Rituals" 7" EP, followed by the MCD "We, as Shadows of Satan" in 2010, continuing the well established, obscure and doomy Black Metal. Newest output presents a comradeship with German CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS in form of a split 7". While the previous releases were self-released by the duo, the new split was released by Deathstrike Records as a prelude to the full-length album "The Element of Destruction”. The path continues towards the infinity of darkness and Avenger & Molestor Kadotus will work as the prophets of Satan's ever burning black flame.


1. The Element Of Destruction
2. Prophet Of Fire
3. Blazing Fires In The Night
4, Unheard Prayer
5. Ritual Of 3 Candles
6. Guided By Two Moons


Avenger - All guitars, drums and synths
Molestor Kadotus - Drums

the hard side of life
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