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Danza Macabra


Aural Music
Distribution: SPV


ARCANA 13 harvest the seeds of terror, planted by the masters of Italian cult horror movies from the 60s and 70s. Digging' deep down to the roots of heavy, powerful and magical atmospheres of the 70s, Arcana 13 cultivates the heritage of Occult Rock/Doom forefathers to a new visual, mesmerizing level of experience... This culminated in the debut album "Danza Macabra" featuring a fantastic cover Artwork by legendary Enzo Sciotti (Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Lamberto Bava, Sam Raimi, David Lynch). To close the magic circle of the legacy the album also features a cover version of Goblin's acclaimed theme "Suspiria" from the film by Dario Argento.

"Danza Macabra" will be available as: Die-Hard ltd. edition Music Box, ltd. edition Gatefold color Double LP, ltd. edition Deluxe 8 panel digipak CD and Digital Delivery.


1. Dread Ritual
2. ArcaneXIII
3. Land of Revenge
4. Oblivion Mushroom
5. Suspiria (Goblin cover)
6. Blackmaster
7. The Holy Cult of Suicide
8. Hell Behind You


S.Bertozzi – Vocals & Guitar
A.Burdisso – Vocals & Guitar
F.Petrini – Bass
L.Taroni – Drums


ARCANA 13 hails from Italy, the birthplace of cult horror movie masters like Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento and Mario Bava among many others. The ambitious quest of ARCANA 13 was to conceive a lethal mixture between the visual terror of Italian Horror legacy with the heavy and magical atmospheres of 70s Heavy Occult Rock music. Imagine Lucio Fulci's classic "The Beyond" or Dario Argento's "Inferno" with a Black Sabbath or Pentagram-inspired soundtrack: this is ARCANA 13.

Eight legendary movies were meticulously chosen for their specific atmospheres and, around each of them, eight songs took shape. ARCANA 13 adopted a unique composition process where music and movie edits were conceived together along with the visuals postproduction, with the intention of creating an exclusive horror live show that will be brought on stage in the upcoming shows. This culminated in the debut album DANZA MACABRA that will see light in the darkness on Aural Music in March 2016 and also features the cover version of Goblin's acclaimed theme "Suspiria" from the terrific movie by Dario Argento.

Thus, ARCANA 13 were fortunate enough to get in touch with an Italian horror icon that brought to canvas the cult movies of Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Sam Raimi, Lamberto Bava: legendary artist ENZO SCIOTTI. Enzo managed to revive the golden age of Italian horror and went beyond his limit creating an unprecedented work of art for the cover of DANZA MACABRA. He commented: "This is my masterpiece… perhaps the best horror ever!"

Don't be fooled to think ARCANA 13 is a band with young untried musicians: Simone Bertozzi (guitar and vocals) has been writing and playing with danish metal heavyweights Mnemic and he's the mastermind behind The Modern Age Slavery; Andrea Burdisso (guitars and vocals) is the voice and axe of the visionary sludge band Void of Sleep; Filippo Petrini (bass) has been laying downtuned fuzz with Stoned Machine and Luigi Taroni (drums) has more than twenty years of experience in drum pounding.

Together they brought to life the tarot of death itself, the thirteenth Arcana, and cultivated the heritage of Heavy Occult Rock taking it to a new visual, mesmerizing level of experience.

the hard side of life
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