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Doctrine Of Violence


Ranka Kustannus
27.11.2015 (GER)
Distribution: Soulfood


Founded in 2012 in the city of Lahti, MÖRBID VOMIT took Finnish death metal scene by the balls when they released their first demo, simply titled as “Demo 2012”, three years ago. The follow-up (“I Breathe Hell”) a year later proved their point: this name was not to be forgotten and by no means their first success was a happy accident. Finally, it's time to conquer the world with their debut album “Doctrine of Violence” - a ten-song masterpiece of pure, unforgiving and brutal-as-hell death metal!

“Doctrine of Violence” is a tour de force of death metal that bows to its ancestors yet offers the listener the feeling of a fresh and bloody corpse. It's like a perverted sort of Frankenstein's monster that holds true to the old-school death metal form, but ups the ante with some parts of modern era twists and turns. Perfected with a great production and monstrous, growling vocal work, “Doctrine of Violence” is the death metal album from Finland everyone wants to hear.


01. The Seed Of Human Scum
02. Murderous Absolution
03. Morbid Gluttony
04. Beaten From Belief
05. Demented Collector Of Severed Heads
06. Engulfed By The Plague
07. Necrotic Revelation
08. Doctrine Of Violence
09. In Disgust
10. Another One To Die


Ryöti - vocals, guitar
Löndgren - guitar
Hönski - bass
Akitatör - session drums

the hard side of life
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