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The Final Chapter
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The Thrash Cult is back! 'Red Alert' - this is the musical direction of "The Final Chapter", NECRONOMICON’s new album! Better and harder than ever!

NECRONOMICON's tenth full-length opens a new chapter - it's the first time that the band features an international line-up with Canadian drummer Rik Charron (ex-Exciter) and American solo-guitarist Glen Shannon, who played with members of Fates Warning, Pentagram and others. So the sound might be a bit different, but, oddly enough, you still know it's NECRONOMICON due to founding member Freddy and his distinctive songwriting style and Marco Lohrenz on bass and backing vocals. The songs on "The Final Chapter" are intricate, hard hitting, full force speed and powerful all in one package. There are songs on this album that will please everyone from power metallers to full-on-thrashers. As usual, the album bears the unmistakable and signature sound of Achim Köhler who was responsible for the mix and mastering.

"The Final Chapter" is coming to tear the roof down with a blistering sonic assault and energy that NECRONOMICON are known for….. beware of the beast!

"Wall Of Pain" - Official Video Clip https://youtu.be/p8UlLyEi0aM

"Me Against You" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/X0BjYyGc-HQ

Medley/ song snippets: https://youtu.be/B_Pz_R4qUG8


1. I Am The Violence
2. The Final Chapter
3. Wall of Pain
4. Purgatory
5. Burning The Fury
6. Spilling Blood
7. Selling Nightmares
8. World on Fire
9. The Devil's Tears
10. The Unnamed
11. Me Against You
12. The Stormreaper


Freddy - Vocals / Guitar
Marco Lohrenz - Bass
Rik Charron - Drums
Glen Shannon - Lead Guitar

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