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Hallowed Ground
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Sweden Music Group
Distribution: Soulfood


Some of the most well known heavy metal musicians in one band: DEATH DEALER!

Featuring members that previously worked with the likes of Manowar, the Dictators, Rob Halford, Lizzy Borden, Udo Dirkschneider, and Cage, the newly formed DEATH DEALER are a true heavy metal force to be reckoned with. And their over-the-top debut, 'Warmaster,' certainly proved this. Comprised of vocalist Sean Peck, guitarists Ross the Boss and Stu Marshall, bassist Mike Davis, and drummer Steve Bolognese, DEATH DEALER is setting out to convert the metal masses to their brand of manly metal. "The DEATH DEALER sound is a mighty combination of five very talented, seasoned musicians," explains Ross. "It's classic power metal with the brutal edge of thrash, speed, and precision."

Their upcoming second full length album is an uncompromising journey in to what heavy metal is all about. Furious riffs, overwhelming energy, screaming vocals, pounding bass and hard hitting drums all mixed together in 13 extremely well written tracks. Fresh off of the Metal All Stars arena tour and several dates all over Europe, DEATH DEALER are primed to rock the world with their killer new album. Get ready to rock!


1. Gunslinger
2. Break the Silence
3. Plan of Attack
4. Séance
5. Llega El Diablo
6. The Way of the Gun
7. K.I.L.L.
8. I am the Revolution
9. Total Devastation
10. The Anthem
11. Corruption of Blood
12. Skull and Cross Bones
13. U-666


Sean Peck - Vocals
Stu Marshall - Guitar
Ross the Boss - Guitar
Mike Davis - Bass
Steve Bolognese - Drums

the hard side of life
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