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... When Dead


Pulverised Records


Further stretching the boundaries of the Blackened Doom / Death genre beyond what is deemed as traditional, Mexican Doom-sayer MAJESTIC DOWNFALL unleashes what is probably the most tormenting album in the group's discography to date with "...When Dead".
Ensorcelled by the mournful bliss of Doom and yet raising their chalice for Black Metal dissonance, "...When Dead" is a celebration of the two seemingly unbendable genres enwreathe as one, and the result is an iniquitous atmosphere marred with sublime melodic Doom passages and the caustic nature of Black Metal scowl.


1. …When Dead
2. Escape My Thought
3. The Brick, The Concrete
4. Doors
5. The Rain Of The Dead


After playing for more than 10 years in Mexico’s Antiqua, a Death/Doom band that toured all over the country. Jacobo decided to part ways with the band and form a new Doom Metal project called MAJESTIC DOWNFALL. MAJESTIC DOWNFALL is a one-man Doom journey that started in August of 2006. The idea was to recapture the feeling of the 90's European Doom Metal scene, while mixing it with some more modern Doom Metal overtones. In 2007, MAJESTIC DOWNFALL pressed its first demo titled "The First Abyss Demo 2007" - and it contained 3 songs of melodic yet mournful Doom with a playing time of 24 minutes. This demo was later released by Solitude Productions in a split CD, with Italian Black/Doom Metal band Ansia.

On April 6th, 2009, MAJESTIC DOWNFALL released its debut full-length "Temple Of Guilt", via My Kingdom Music in Europe and Concreto/Personal Records in America. This time the music contained a darker edge full of sorrow, and new influences from bands like Shining and Forgotten Tomb. "Temple Of Guilt certainly placed MAJESTIC DOWNFALL in the Doom/Dark Metal scene.
2011 saw the release of "The Blood Dance" album which contained 7 sorrowful passages with an even darker edge than "Temple Of Guilt". Production-wise the sound was thicker and more mature. It was released once again by My Kingdom Music and the American version by Chaos Records.
This year, "Three", the band's newest musical output sees Jacobo going even further in the sound with even more experimentation in the music but without staying too far away from the bands musical roots.

The art is once again done by Robert Hoyem who has worked with bands like Shining, Iskald, The Fall Of Every Season and many more. If you thought the bands last art was corrosive, this one just goes further and has more personality that is surely a reflection of the music.
Step into Jacobo’s latest journey through life and hate. NOW THE FLAMES OF HELL WILL REACH AND BURN THE HEAVENS.

the hard side of life
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