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Under The Ram


High Roller Records / Soulfood


Bulldozing Bastard. It's all in the name, isn't it? The guys from Detmold, North Rhine-Westphalia play a beautifully dirty mixture of the best of Rock’n’Roll, NWOBHM and first wave Black Metal. So what do you think you get from them? Right, Bastard Metal!

Even though Bulldozing Bastard formed only in 2012, “Under the Ram” is already their second full length output, and it sounds familiar in the best way: It's like downing an ice cold, freshly opened bottle of your one good old favourite beer. The opener “Queen of the Night” sets in with some really heartfelt grunts and screams before a wild riff ride drags you along all through the album, where you will be spit out again, wasted and crushed, but very happy! One true highlight of the album is “Alleys of the Underground” (Genözider (git., voc.) agrees: “ I really dig the triplet beats and riffs in “Alleys…”, adding another whole new element to our dirty sound.”), while “Once the Dust has Settled” is no less loveable, being heavy, epic and charmingly cheesy. “Mayhem without Mercy" on the other side is so energetic and straightforward, it will stick with you for days. Still need some names to get the picture? Ok, here we go: Think of Motörhead, Venom, Hellhammer, Gehennah, Voivod, Tank... But please keep in mind: Bulldozing Bastard was never about being another copy cat metalpunk band, and for sure never will.

Compared to “Bulldozing the Vatican”, the band's first album, “Under the Ram” is a step forward in every aspect. While the central idea is still the same, this time Bulldozing Bastard kills more precisely and with more style.

The stunning, visually very dynamic artwork was done by Italian artist Velio Josto: “He's a great artist and was, as you can see, the absolute perfect choice for us. He managed to fit all our ideas creating this image of a true Bulldozing Bastard.”

Now that we've heard a lot about the new album, we can leave it to Genözider to sum it all up in short: “Under The Ram comes straight from the dirtiest gutters of the German underground. Watch out! This record is neither supposed for sissies, nor for weekend metalheads. This record is a boot to the guts of your stereo! So you better play it as loud as possible!”


1. Queen of the Night
2. Tornado
3. Mayhem without Mercy
4. Full Speed Ahead
5. Brassknuckle Deathstrike
6. Under the Ram
7. Alleys of the Underground
8. Let the Bastard Roar
9. Black Metal Slut
10. Once the Dust has Settled

the hard side of life
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