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A crown to the ashen king who stands drawn to broken contemplation.

Contentment in modesty.

Being at peace with oneself, with the weight and the ease of human sentiment … the entailing acceptance of just how life is put together … distinct motions and forms, pure, rare, but timeless.

In 2012, they emerged from the lengthening shadows of their own endeavors, to be finally revealed by someone who still tried to listen: Simon Abele. He turned them into sketches for seven songs. After setting free these rough outlines, Abele found his fellow musicians to fill them with life and creativity. Connecting the sentiments and the vision the music conveyed, the new band worked hard to shape what later would become “Vigil”.

From Hammond organs to blast beats, from calm moments of beauty to fierce growls and erupting staccato twin guitars, the next milestone in the band’s joint effort will be to present this varied material to the audiences.

Climb upon a forlorn hill in fall. The cool wind rustles through the leaves, distant rolling clouds herald the pending winter.

The music and lyrics of ANDSOLIS, which means “against the sun“ in Old Norse, embrace the subjects of our everyday struggles and setbacks, our losses, our solitude, our grief, but also our awareness that life bears its glimpses of hope every now and then. In the band's lyrics, these timeless motifs assume the form of short stories inspired by the writers of English Romanticism. The music conveys these sentiments through slightly Progressive Melodic Death Metal, with some influences of Folk, 70s Progressive Rock, and Ambient.


1. Stand Vigil
2. Kingdoms Without Shape
3. In Silent Confidence
4. The Mystic
5. Days Of Receding Light
6. Meridian Smiles
7. The Laughter Echoes


Oliver Kilthau – Vocals (clean)
Manuel Siewert - Vocals (growls)
Simon Abele – Guitars
Stefan Rosenmeyer - Guitars
Martin Pohl - Keyboards
Bryan Zwiers - Bass
Marco Tecza – Drums

the hard side of life
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