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Välkommen till (O)verkligheten


Art Of Propaganda
Depressive Rock / Black Metal


Depressive Rock / Black Metal project from Sweden - created by C.L. (music) and J.G. (Ex-Lifelover, Vanhelga), responsible for vocals and lyrics.

"In early 2013 both of us were trapped in our own versions of Hell. We decided to create music together in the quest to get perspective on our lives and this blessed curse. With no interest in making music that has already been made out of parasitical stage whores we tried to create something unique. We aimed to explore the world around is with music, words and misery.
The name "Eskapi" means escapism - "A condition of escaping the reality", which we have a tendency to do. In March 2013 CL began to create the song "Hejdå". Since J.G have had a longing for a project centered around his lyrics for years, this was a moment where we immediately realized - this road is the one and only for us. The project is nothing more than an omission, like a white archive or a suicide note. Why do we do this? To explore our inner darkness. The creation process is nothing we design - it comes from nowhere inspired by the constant chaos surrounding us. We have not at a single moment doubt that this fills a meaningful prophecy compared to life in itself. If people are expecting something to please them or to get feel a feeling of community, they will, like the sheep's continue walking in total pointless footsteps. What we are giving away from us with this album is art created by two fireborned maniacs with a goal and a belief directed towards life and its naive dreams of a beautiful life. Only death is real! This is our (un)reality - and you're more than welcome to share it with us!" / CL and JG


1. Invant Vansinne
2. Vargar & Får
3. Narkotiska Känslor
4. Region Skåne
5. Till Dig (När Jag Försvinner)
6. Skillnader
7. Hejdå


C.L. - music
J.G. (Ex-Lifelover, Vanhelga) - vocals, lyrics

the hard side of life
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