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Ván Records
Distribution: Soulfood


In case you didn’t know, the Greek rock & metal scene has been thriving during the last few years. Universe217 is one of the best and most vibrant bands in the particular scene, with lots of gigs and steadily frequent record releases. Since 2007 the band has released 3 full-length albums, 2 EPs and 2 split-7’’ singles (you can find more information in the “discography” section), all welcomed with raving reviews both from Greek and international music media. Moreover, the band’s impressive performance on stage (whether it’s live shows with other Greek bands, festival slots or supporting international artists like Amenra, Anathema, Madder Mortem, OM, Saint Vitus, Scott Kelly, Wovenhand & Neurosis) has earned U217 an excellent reputation as a live act. In 2014, Universe217 started its collaboration with Ván Records, with the release of an acoustic EP entitled “Ease” followed by the reissue of the band’s latest album, “Never”. As a result, the Greek quartet participated in the “Acherontic Arts” festival in Oberhausen, Germany (1-2/5/2015), receiving some very positive feedback.

And now it’s time for this collaboration to go one step further: The new, fourth album of Universe217 is called “Change”, and it is going to be released on CD & LP by Ván Records throughout Europe, on Friday, March 18th.

This album reveals once again the adventurous spirit of this band, proving that for Universe217 heavy music does not fit in little boxes. Frequently used terms like doom, post rock/metal, drone, psych, atmospheric, ambient etc. are not regarded by this Greek foursome as “protective shells” under which it can feel complacent about its music, but more like “creative playgrounds” where Universe217 can express freely, experiment or even confront genre limits and standards. This specific mentality combined with the band’s baritone, heavy sound and the outstanding voice of female singer Tanya, results in a highly distinctive, personal music style. Once you have listened to Universe217, you cannot confuse them with any other band; and this is truly rare in contemporary music reality.


1. Undone
2. Counting Hours
3. Here Comes
4. Rest Here
5. Burn
6. Call
7. Change


Tanya – vocals
Manos – guitars
Nikos – bass & synths
Manos – drums


• “Universe217” - 2007 (full-length CD – Duplicate Records / reissued by Burning World Records)
• “II” - 2009 (CD EP – released as a free premium CD together with Metal Hammer Greece magazine)
• Split w/ Lucky Funeral - 2009 (split 7’’ single – CTS Productions)
• “Familiar Places” - 2011 (full-length CD – Venerate Industries)
• “Never” - 2013 (full-length CD – independent, vinyl LP – CTS Productions. European CD & LP reissue by Ván Records, 2015)
• “Intercourse”, Split w/ SuperPuma – 2013 (split 7’’ single – independent)
• “Ease” – 2014 (CD EP & mini-LP - Ván Records)
• “Change” – 2016 (full-length CD & LP - Ván Records)

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