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The originators of the term “Progressive Power Metal”, Steel Prophet (US), have written and performed more than 100 diverse songs in their career. With numerous chord and melody variations spanning multiple metal/rock genres, and lyrics delving from political, social, and spiritual, there is very little the metal masters haven’t explored since the nucleus of Vince Dennis (b), Rick Mythiasin (v) and Steve Kachinsky (g) came together in 1989.

Poor timing is one of their main traits; having released a Progressive Metal masterpiece as their debut album, at the height of the grunge scene in 1995 (The Goddess Principle). The album came hot on the heels of the most beloved demo tape in German underground history; “Inner Ascendance”.

After three releases on the obscure German label Brainstorm Records, the band was picked up by Nuclear Blast Records in 1998 and released five high quality records including the well-loved fan favorites “Dark Hallucinations” and “Messiah”.

The onetime heirs apparent to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden have had a difficult road since the reformation of their ancestor’s bands. Having soldiered on, and withstanding numerous personnel upheavals (Including a brief detour with Nadir D’Priest {ex-London} taking over on vocals for Rick Mythiasin on the “Beware” album[Massacre Records]), they stand poised on the brink of metal super-stardom with the imminent release of their magnum opus, 2014’s “Omniscient” album. It is a complicated concept album revealing in spectacular fashion, sci fi elements, adventure, imagination, and philosophy. It also marks the resurrection of the ‘Guitar Army’ concept pioneered by legends like Queen and Led Zeppelin.

The next chapter for Steel Prophet is the anointing of this legend into the great pantheon of metal revolutionaries.


01. Trickery of The Scourge
02. When I Remake the World (A Key Flaw)
03. 911
04. Chariots of the Gods
05. The Tree of Knowledge
06. 666 is Everywhere (The Heavy Metal Blues)
07. Oleander Deux
08. Aliens, Spaceship and Richard M. Nixon
09. Through Time and Space
10. Funeral for Art
11. Call of Katahdin
12. Transformation Staircase
13. Bohemian Rhapsody
14. 1984 (George Orwell is Rolling in His Grave)


“Omniscient”-recording line up:

Steve Kachinsky (g)
Rick Mythiasin (v)
Vince Dennis (b)
Chris Schleyer (g)
Jimmy Schultz (d)

Current line up:

Steve Kachinsky (g)
Rick Mythiasin (v)
Vince Dennis (b)
Jon Paget (g)
John Tarascio (d)

the hard side of life
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