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La Pèira Negra
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Holy Records
May 30th, 2014
Distribution : Soulfood / Cyclone Empire / EMP Europe


French Pagan STILLE VOLK, will release their 6th studio album via Holy Records on May 30th, and will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. Recorded on the Pyrenees Mountains and mixed and mastered at Davout Studios in Paris by Fernando Pereira Lopes. “La Pèira Negra” explores all the intricacies of a very original pagan music: hypnotic, melodic, powerful, tortured, declaimed. It features 8 brand new songs and a collector's edition bonus track with dark, original and mystical music atmospheres.

Formed in early 1994, the band combines mystic, primitive and pagan music, acoustic and ancestral. It’s inspired by medieval, celtic music and occitan influences, keeping a Metal breath, dark and radical (coming from the origins of some members of the band). Their albums consist in many instruments from all origins and all ages, such as hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, arabic lute, violin, bouzouki, bagpipes, chalemie, mandolin, portable organ, bombarde, various flutes, and other stringed instruments.

STILLE VOLK shared the stage with various bands from different genres. Electro Folk music (Omnia, Qntal), Folk Metal music (Eluveitie, Skyforger, Arkona), Metal music (Grand Magus, Kadavar), Neo Folk music (Spiritual Front) or Psychedelic music (Acid King). They were on several events in France and in Europe too, namely HELLFEST 2013, DIVAN DU MONDE 2013, MOTOCULTOR 2012.


1. Dementis Maudiçon
2. Sous l’œil de la Lune
3. L’éveil du Spectre
4. La Pèira Negra
5. La Litanie du Pétrifié
6. La Forêt Gorgone
7. Heaume de Lichen
8. En Occulz
9. Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover)


Lafforgue : Lead Vocals, Hurdy-Gurdy, wind instruments
Roques : Vocals, Nyckelharpa, strings intruments
Sarg : Vocals, guitar
Arexis : Percussion, Gongs, Pad sample, guttural groans, skulls & pagan imagery

the hard side of life
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