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Tristania is a metal band from Stavanger in Norway that have played together for 8 years now. The line-up of today came together by the end of 1996. In May 1997 they recorded a self-financed demo, and during the summer they signed with Napalm Records. The latest release of the band is the album "World of Glass".

The band has done several European tours both as head-liners and as support acts for bands like Tiamat and Anathema. They have also participated at festivals all over Europe and also in the US and Mexico. In September 01 Tristania will go on a new head-liner tour in Europe, supported by Rotting Christ, Finntroll, Vintersorg and Madder Mortem.

What is very important for the band is to bring elements of all kinds of music they are inspired by into their music. The musical plurality is shown on both their previous full-length albums. ''Widow's Weeds" (1997) and "Beyond The Veil" (1999). However, this musical width is probably best shown on their latest release, "World of Glass", On this album you can find elements of Gothic metal and rock, black- and death-metal, industrial, classic any many others genres. This is why the band don't like being put into a category. They simply don't like to use limits when they compose their music.

Tristania has with their previous albums managed to create their own special sound, it is extremely important for the band to make each album special and something different from the previous ones, and at the same time keep the special "tristanian" sound. Choir, synth. "heavy guitars, violins, and several different vocal styles are all elements that. Tristania bring into their music.

Vibeke Stene's female vocals are important for Tristania's sound At the same time they use several additional singers to get the musical variation. Since the last album, Tristania and singer Morten Veland decided to go separate ways. For the album, Ronny Thorsen from Trail of Tears is doing the extreme vocals. The band also uses two different clean male singers that are important for the band's sound, 0sten Bergoy and Jan Kenneth Barkved Another additional musician that contributes on the album is the violin player Pete Johansen from The Scarr,

"World of Glass" is probably the best album Tristania ever have released and brings the listener into several different moods and musical landscapes. The music is brutal and melodic at the same time. The album is recorded in Sound Suite Studio, France.

Vibeke Scene - vocals
Einar Moen - synth & programming
Anders H, Hidle - Guitars
Rune 0sterhus - Bass
Kenneth Olsson - Drums

1. The Shining Path
2. Wormwood
3. Tender Trip On Earth
4. Lost
5. Deadlocked
6. Selling Out
7. Hatred Grows
8. World of Glass
9. The Modern End (cover version, only available on limited edition)
10. Crushed Dreams

the hard side of life
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