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War Anthem Records / Soulfood


WAR ANTHEM RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated 7th album of UNLIGHT, "Antihelion", set for international release on November 4th.

Two years have passed since the release of their critically acclaimed album "The Katalyst of the Katharsis", which saw these long-running German black metal tyrants evolving well beyond their blackthrashing beginnings and locate a near-perfect balance between aggression and atmosphere. With "Antihelion", UNLIGHT have perhaps found the balance - between not only aggression and atmosphere, but passion and poison, power and patience, sheer vengeful violence and spiraling night-sky melodicism - in the process delivering a potently black metal record which emphasizes both titular elements of that genre. The new era for UNLIGHT is now beginning. Get ready for an atmospheric blizzard from southern Germany to bring pure darkness in the middle of this forthcoming winter!


01. Ekpyrosis (Unsealing The Anticlimax Millennium)
02. Create And Annihilate (The Quintessence Of Venoms)
03. Antihelion (Arise And Enflesh)
04. The Bone Trumpet (As The Breath Passeth From My Lips)
05. Leveller Of Kingdoms (Iconoclast)
06. Apollyon Nadir (Thou Art The Grave)
07. Flight Of The Sinistral Witch (Riding The Wraith-Winged Steed)
08. Der Aether schwerer Erde (Des Staubes Kinder)
09. To Sear The Heavens (Spitter Of Venoms)
10. Nordic Tunes Of Fenrir (Ode To QUORTHON)
11. First Son Of Flame (I am Cain)


Blaspherion - guitar, main-vocals
Raptus - lead guitar, add. vocals
Lord Grond - drums
Nefastus - bass

the hard side of life
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