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For Bidens
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No Regrets Records (A division of No Remorse)
Distribution: H'art (G/A/S) & Plastic Head (UK & Rest of Europe)


Third full length album from Dark Metal act W.E.B.!

W.E.B. were formed in 2002 and at the moment they are among the leading forces of Greek metal music. With the new album “For Bidens” they will be established in the prime Dark Metal bands worldwide.

• Their second album, “Jesus Heist” got the 8th place of sales in metal music in Greece, and after that a European tour followed with SEPTICFLESH

• ”For Bidens” recorded in Devasoundz Studios. Produced by Sakis Darkface & Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH). Guitar production by George Emmanuel (ROTTING CHRIST). Mixed and mastered by Daniel Castelman in Lambesis Studios USA. Orchestral arrangement by Chris Antoniou (SEPTICFLESH / CHAOSTAR). Guest appearances by SEPTICLESH, CHAOSTAR and ELYSION members

• Line Up: Sakis Darkface (vocals – rhythm guitars), Allan Fall (guitars), Alex G (bass), Ioannis Theodorakis (drums)

• A week after the release date of “For Bidens”, W.E.B. will support the Greek live shows of DARK TRANQUILLITY. More shows are on the works


1. Let There Be Night
2. Nightmares In Disguise
3. For Bidens
4. God Plays Dead
5. Eligos
6. Crimson Dawn
7. Prince Of 1000 Frozen Suns
8. Malaise
9. Night Funeral
10. Clamor Luna Part I – Clamor Rex
11. Clamor Luna Part II – Regima Est
12. Clamor Luna Part III – Regnum Sanguinis

the hard side of life
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