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Final Gate Records


German doom-rockers MONOLITH are back and proudly present their second full-length-album!

The band was founded in 2010 as a trio consisting of Ralf Brummerloh (bass & vocals), Ron Osenbrück (guitars) and Andre Dittmann (drums & backing vocals). Carrying along a 4-track-demo they played a few club-shows in Northern and Eastern Germany, supporting Kadavar among others. In April 2014 MONOLITH released their first full-length-album “Dystopia” which received international recognition and acclaim. The release was followed by a series of concerts and a tour in the autumn of 2014 with a few shows abroad.

In the spring of 2015 Jann Worthmann joined the band on bass and Ralf Brummerloh switched from bass to guitar. Soon after the quartet began working on their second album – “Mountain” – which will be released on March 18 2016, again on Final Gate Records. While their first album featured mainly traditional doom-rock tunes, MONOLITH show influences from all kinds of old-school-rock on their new album. Among the expected slow and violently groovy tunes one can find melancholic, melodic songs, as well as a fast, foot-stomping rockers. This is not least owed to Worthmann's contribution to the songwriting. Still the album sounds as it was made from one piece. Brummerloh’s vocals and the band’s devotion are the golden thread which runs through all the songs.


1. Mountain
2. Vultures
3. Standing Tall
4. High Horse
5. Moonshine Medication
6. Lies & Deceit
7. Tide
8. Blackbird


Ralf Brummerloh - Vocals & Guitar
Ron Osenbrück - Guitar
Jann Worthmann - Bass & Backing Vocals
André Dittmann - Drums & Backing Vocals

the hard side of life
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